Diversity and inclusion are critical to Synchrony’s success, and we have recommitted to further learning, action, and advancement to continue the journey to address the challenges facing those who are underrepresented, marginalized, or discriminated against. The Synchrony’s Source to Pay team optimizes the company’s performance in relation to the purchase of software, goods, and services while attracting, growing, and retaining diverse suppliers.

It is important that we develop strong relationships with our partners and suppliers to innovate and create value, while delivering the highest quality products in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We will:

  • Engage with certified and qualified diverse businesses
  • Identify and onboard suppliers who bring diversity in thinking, skill sets, and approaches
  • Stimulate and promote economic development in the communities in which we work
  • Monitor the key characteristics and commitment of suppliers who work with Synchrony including: the composition of the company’s ownership, leadership and employees; its philanthropic activities; and its own supplier diversity program
  • Engage with minority, women, veteran, LGBT, disabled, service-disabled veteran and small business enterprises.

- Kevin Oakes,
Senior Vice President of Source to Pay


Diversity Makes Us All Better. It’s That Simple.

Synchrony is committed to partnering with diverse and small businesses. In 2021, we spent nearly $30 million in software, products and services with diverse suppliers. We know that diverse suppliers have will continue to expand our relationships with the certified diverse business owners to grow our supply chain.

Certifying Agencies – Are you certified?

While we do not require diverse certification, we do encourage you to become certified with one of our partner groups.

Our supplier diversity program recognizes diverse suppliers as for-profit businesses physically located in the U.S. States or one of its trust territories. The businesses must be 51% owned, controlled and operated by a minority; woman; veteran (including service-disabled); lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; or disabled person(s).

To qualify as a Synchrony diverse supplier, a diverse business must have a current certification from a government agency (city, state or federal), a national or regional affiliate of one of the following agencies:

If your business meets the above criteria and you are interested in engaging with Synchrony, register with us. Note: Only complete registration profiles are viewed for potential business opportunities.

Synchrony Become a Supplier

Do you have new and innovative products and ideas? Tell us about your company and your unique ambitions to partner with us by completing a profile. We’ll review your profile for future sourcing projects and contact you if we see a fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Synchrony utilizes multiple approaches to identify potential certified diverse suppliers that can compete for our opportunities. We partner with organizations that advocate for and connect with diverse suppliers. These relationships enable us to access various databases that extend our reach and access to diverse suppliers. Additionally, we always encourage suppliers to register with us. You can register with us here. Please note - registering with us does not guarantee a contractual opportunity.

While diversity certification is not required to do business with Synchrony, we encourage you to become certified with one of our partner groups.  A diverse supplier may also self-identify as diverse upon registration with us. You can register with us here.

A certified diverse supplier demonstrates to an independent organization (non-profit, government), that their business is at least 50% independently owned, operated and managed by one or more diverse owners. Similarly, in the case of a publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by one or more diverse owners.

Obtaining diversity certification authenticates that a supplier meets the requirements as defined by a diverse supplier by completing the process through one of the valid certified agencies.

We accept certifications from agencies that have a rigorous and documented process. See the full list here.

Register with us through our Supplier Portal. While registering with us does not guarantee an opportunity with Synchrony, it allows Synchrony to access your respective offerings for consideration.

If and when there is a business need for the services your organization provides, then your company will be contacted.

There is no fee associated with registering your company with Synchrony’s Supplier Portal.