Charitable investments in our communities

Our culture at Synchrony celebrates the diversity of our people, skills and ideas and coming together to turn ideals into action. Our core commitment of helping others, grounded in our caring value, inspires us to support each other and in turn empowers our communities through volunteer opportunities, charitable donations, and our philanthropic platform, Education as an Equalizer.

Our main areas of Corporate Citizenship include:

We volunteer both our time and skills to help improve our communities and lend a helping hand in times of need. In 2023, Synchrony employees logged over 19,200 hours volunteering, including hours volunteered during our Global Diversity Experience community service initiative.


We support nonprofit organizations that help small businesses develop and grow.

We donate to organizations that help our communities. Applications are accepted by invitation only and must meet the eligibility requirements. Synchrony donated over $19 million to over 400 charitable organizations in 2023. Take a look at some of the nonprofit organizations we supported in the US, India and the Philippines in 2023.

We help underserved communities gain financial knowledge to bridge the equity gap.


We expand access to higher education, skills training in high-growth fields and financial literacy.

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Education as an Equalizer

At Synchrony, we believe that education has the potential to change the trajectory of a person's life — and even their children's lives — with the possibility that a cycle of poverty and injustice might be broken.


That's why in 2021 we launched Synchrony's philanthropic platform, Education as an Equalizer—an initiative that aims to expand access to higher education, skills training in high- growth fields and financial literacy and increase education equity for underserved students and other marginalized individuals.


We have committed to investing $50 million in the program over a five-year period, including grants to academic institutions, nonprofits, and skills credentialing organizations through the Synchrony Foundation. In 2023, the Synchrony Foundation donated over $8.3 million to 65 organizations, making our overall donations since 2021 more than $19 million and bringing us closer to our target of donating $20 million over five years.

See our ESG Report for more information on Education as an Equalizer.

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Closing the financial knowledge gap

Synchrony believes providing knowledge of financial products and money management skills is empowering. Especially as a path to help more and more of the public achieve financial success.

For Synchrony, this includes offering financial literacy, programs, partnership, and resources including:

Synchrony's MONEY 360°. An ongoing program on Syncranet devoted to promoting savings for Synchrony employees and the communities we serve.
Synchrony's Financial Education Center. Provides engaging financial education content to help improve financial wellness among the public and our employees.
Banking on Women™. Our philanthropic program provides female business owners with small business financial education classes, mentoring, and the opportunity to apply for a microenterprise loan.
America Saves. An annual multichannel media campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America. Synchrony, a program partner for years, passionately supports its mission to encourage better financial habits for all.
Operation HOPE . Synchrony is an active member company of Financial Literacy for All (FL4ALL). This is a national initiative dedicated to embedding financial literacy into American culture and providing the foundational skills for people to best manage their personal finances and build generational wealth.
Money Matters. Synchrony's online blog is designed to give the public access to general education about personal finance. This blog currently reaches over 4 million viewers annually.
DEI financial literacy content. As a special initiative, the Money Matters blog includes personal finance content and education for a diverse perspective that ensures the public finds relevant content and topics that “feels like me.” This includes efforts to create personal finance content that addresses the unique needs of underrepresented communities by using the experience and insights of Synchrony's Diversity Networks.
JUST Capital. Synchrony is proud to be part of JUST Capital's Worker Financial Wellness Initiative, a coalition aimed at making workers' financial security and health a C-suite and investor priority. Members commit to making worker financial well-being a top priority as business leaders consider solutions to shape an equitable and inclusive workforce. Synchrony continues to conduct living wage assessments to understand if our workers can cover the local cost of necessities.